The best wash method for car paint tends to be hand washing. There was once two broad options, the various types of automated car wash and a few types of hand washing. For years the automated washes were considered too harsh; the car got clean but the over the years the painted finish was compromised. New automated car washes are now no longer as harmful as earlier ones; water is filtered and chemicals are less harsh. But giving a car a professional hand washing still seems the best option.
– Never use detergent on car paint. It is too harsh and will ruin the shiny finish, and remove any protective wax coatings. Instead, use a car washing product.
– Even the cleanest water contains impurities. Even leaving the wet car exposed to the atmosphere will cause it to accumulate airborne particles. The car needs to be dried with a rubber-blade squeegee.

Once the car is clean it should be polished. This is basically smoothing the surface. A polishing machine can be used for this. Oscillating polishers tend to be easier to use, but many professionals prefer rotating machines.
A polished car can then be waxed. The idea of wax is to protect your car from the elements. The wax suffers the minor damage instead of the paint. The coating of wax will wear away over the course of a few month, perhaps less; it will need to be periodically recoated.

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A professional car washing with specialized equipment gives the best results. Unlike a machine wash it is non-abrasive. But performed by experienced individuals it uses the best materials and resources available. Car look better and last longer with regular professional cleanings.






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