Photo Sharing

One of the great advantages of modern technology is the ability to exchange information. This is especially useful with photos. These days we take more photos in a weekend away than many grandparent took in a lifetime. And we can send them in real time without waiting for development and postage.

Google Photos

Google Photos aims to produce a platform that makes photo file sharing easier than ever. As with any of these situations it works best when both the user and receiver have the same system. In the past Apple users had airdrop, but other users, those transferring between iPhone and Android, had to go with other methods. This proved to be clunky, using a third party system to transfer between two other systems. One system for all very much streamlines the process.

Of Course Google Photo does this through the Cloud. Hopefully there won’t be any issue with data amounts or security.

Computer Repairs Strathfield

Keeping up to date isn’t exactly a repair, but you will need to keep current software and apps if you want to retain you connection to the internet and other people; older versions of software are no longer supported after a time.

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