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Cosmetics aim to make us look our best, as do hairstyles and other parlour treatments. It helps considerably if we keep ourselves healthy and neat from the inside.  Looking after our health means we have a better foundation for the cosmetics and occasional treatments we use.


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Our eyes are probably the most noticeable feature of our face. Premature crow’s feet or other skin aging compromises the effect of makeup and lashes. Preventative measure can make our eyes, and hence ourselves, look our very best.

  • Keep salt to a minimum. This tend to give us baggy eyes.
  • Avoid sleeping in a position that pushes on your face, or that causes fluids to gather under your eyes.
  • Allergies will cause watery or puffy eyes. Find ways to deal with the allergies.
  • Find a good makeup removal method. Sleeping with makeup is a disaster.
  • Feel alcohol to a minimum, and drink extra water to compensate. If you do drink then red wine seem the best option.
  • Use moisturizer.
  • Soap and water cause dehydration of the skin. Avoid these on the face.
  • Eat the healthiest diet possible – Plenty of vegetables and minimal processed food.
  • Most important of all, minimize Sun exposure. Wear a good sunscreen, use Sunglasses and wear a hat.


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Our eyelashes and eyebrows are part of the frame in which people see our eyes. They noticeably affect our appearance.

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