Amino Acid L-arginine’s

The amino acid L-arginine has been found to help break down the dental plaque that builds up on teeth and gums. It both prevents the plaque bacteria from growing, and prevents the plaque from sticking together.

L-arginine amino acid is found in many foods, but most predominantly in red meat, white meat and fish. It is also common in dairy. Individuals on vegetarian or vegan diets should be able to get sufficient levels of L-arginine through wheat germ, nuts, soybean and seeds. There are also toothpastes containing L-arginine.

Those concerned with the health of their teeth, as we all should be, are advised to address their diet.
– Eat plenty of dark leafy green vegetables and seaweed. Include Broccoli, kale and spinach.
– Eat vitamin C in the form of fruits and vegetables. Avoid a juice if it contains too much sugar (more than 7%), or at least rinse with water afterward.
– Eat at least some raw fruit and vegetables.
– Get Vitamin D. Some Sun exposure, preferably early in the morning and not on the face, will produce vitamin D. Though you should wear sunscreen during the middle of the day. Else, take a supplement.
– Drink water, and avoid sugary drinks
– Drink tea, preferably decaffeinated, which contains polyphenol. This helps reduce bacteria.

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