Hardwood Floor Sanding Sydney

Hardwood floors are the oldest type of wooden floors, being preceded only by stone and tile. They have proved extremely long lasting and resilient to damage; houses over one hundred years old have hardwood floors still in workable order. They can easily survive for generations under indoor conditions, suffering only surface wear from human inhabitants.

An advantage of hardwood floors over other types of flooring, including several more modern materials, is their ability to be re-sanded. Re-sanding hardwood floors allows the floors surface to literally look like new. This re-finishing is not possible on any synthetic materials or engineered floors, which only have a thin surface layer. Only hardwood, and possibly some types of bamboo, can be re-sanded.

After floor sanding the new surface can be stained a different colour if the home owner wish to change the colour scheme for redecoration. The floor is them polished to a fine finish.

Floor Sanders Sydney

Obviously floor sanding is a major undertaking. Professional standards are required, and very few people succeed in such DIY operations.

Floor sanding once produced a great deal of sawdust. Modern techniques have virtually eliminated this issue, and the small amount of dust produced is easily handled.

Professional floor Sanding gets the job done in minimal time. Have you floors renovated today, and enjoy a better home tomorrow

sk floor sanding

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