FAQ About Conveyancing

What Do Conveyancers do?

Conveyancing concerns the legal transfer of property. Being a legal matter this transfer always involves some complexities, with every property being at least a little different. Conveyancers are specialists in these legal areas. Many, but not all, are also lawyers.

When should I contact a conveyancer?

As soon as you are serious about buying or selling property. Certainly you should have talked to a conveyancer well before you sign any contract.

What Should I ask?

Anything related to the property exchange. The conveyancer is there to make sure everything is legitimate and nothing goes wrong.

Is the property Price only part of the expense in a Purchase?

Yes, there are many government fees and the stamp duty, but there are also first home buyer’s grants. These vary considerably between states. The right advice from a Conveyancer is essential.

Am I covered by insurance when working with the Conveyancer?

A conveyancer should be a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, which requires professional indemnity insurance. This protects your legal interests in the property transaction.

Can I do Conveyancing Work myself?

Unless you are a lawyer it is not recommended. While it is not illegal for general members of the public the conveying process is specialized and quite technical. Even Real Estate Agents use a professional conveyancer.

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