Wedding Dress Search

  • Trying on dresses for any length of time is a rather draining experience; it is physically demanding and at times rather frustrating. Eat something substantial beforehand and plan to have a coffee break latter in the day.
  • Take one or two reliable companions; people with reliable and relevant opinions. More than two can be counterproductive.
  • You will be changing your outer clothing several times; wear inner clothing that preserves your modesty.
  • It would be impractical to wear the wedding makeup at the dress fitting, but remember what makeup you are planning on and give yourself something with a similar colour scheme; it will be part of what works with the dress.
  • Know that wedding dress sizes are not part of the normal sizing convention. The larger number does not mean you have put on weight; it really is just a number.
  • Look at what other brides-to- be are wearing and find what works. Of course they will be different to you, but some things might match up.
  • Try dresses that are different to what you originally intended. You might have a serendipitous occasion.
  • Try other people’s suggestions. They might be onto something, but even if they’re not they might see why their idea wasn’t going to work in this particular occasion. At least they know you value their opinion.
  • Ask what comes with the dress. There may be a veil or some other decoration that is part of it. You might want to change these accessories.
  • Remembers that alterations are possible, and not at all unusual. It’s not uncommon to find a dress that would be perfect of only this or that were different. With alterations that might well be possible.



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