Diamond Wholesale, Sydney

Why buy a diamond wholesale?

Because the mark up on the retail rings is quite high. It is not uncommon to pay more the double the actual value of the ring. This means if you are in the unfortunate position where you want to sell the ring, you will certainly lose on the deal. It is a poor idea to try and invest in rings.

The best option for getting the ring you want is to start by buying the diamond you want at wholesale cost. This can then be set in a cast ring. If you know how you want the final product to turn out it is not too difficult to find the right diamond. Else, a professional can custom make and set a ring for you.

If you are not sure what you want it is an easy matter to Google the internet and copy any images you like; else you can take pictures of anything you see in a jewellers.

Buying a diamond wholesale in Sydney will get you a better stone at a cost that reflects the actual value of the ring it is later set in. Given that the result can be the ring you always wanted, this is a option to seriously consider.

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