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A few Strong suggestions for Wedding makeup

  • Do follow the best health and beauty routine possible. And if you feel better for the effort, consider continuing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do have a makeup trial about a month before the actual wedding. Any relavent thing that you plan to do for the wedding (like get a tan) should be done for the trial.
  • Do bring a photo of the intended dress design. And during the trail wear a shirt with the same colour. The makeup will be designed to work with the dress. Our daily clothing and wedding dress are a very different situation.
  • Always mention any allergy you have. These are rare, but it is better to be safe.
  • Consider eyelash extensions. These last about six week, so have then a week before the trial, then have them filled up a few days before the wedding.
  • Photos are a part of every wedding. Wedding makeup is designed to be slightly matt, allowing it to photograph well. But is you have questions, ask the makeup artist.
  • Do look into a touch up makeup kit for the day.
  • Stay away from fluorescent lighting. This gives an off colour effect. Makeup done under fluorescent lighting will look slightly odd under normal lighting. Natural lighting almost always looks best.
  • Don’t think the makeup artist in infallible. If you have a certain look that is you, then let them know. This might be different to what they were aiming for. A good artist can give you a look that you wish you could keep permanently.
  • Don’t be too swayed by passing trends. Consider how the photos will look in twenty years’ time. Be a little conservative if in doubt, and lean towards the neutral.

If you planning your big day and want the best Wedding Makeup Sydney has some fine choices. The wedding is a once in a life time moment, and the photos last a life time. Plan to be a little overindulgent on this of all days.

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