Useful Courses

What useful courses are out there?
Waterproofing course: Combination practical and theory courses, which take only a few days to complete, or traineeships which take two years working under an experienced practitioner. Persons with previous experience can obtain qualifications in minimal time. There several levels of qualification but most individuals obtain a waterproofing certificate.
Builder’s license: The certificate IV in building and construction or the diploma of Building and construction allow a person to become a fully qualified builder in most states. They usually require 2 years of varied experience under a qualified person. Remember, the three key points are qualification, skill and relevant experience.
Painting Certification: there are several levels of qualification, but certificate III seems to be the nationally recognised standard. Individuals usually go through an apprenticeship before acquiring a painting licensee
Wall and Floor tiling: Usually 144 hours of practical experience and a TAFE course to gain a certificate 3 qualification.
Most courses can earn an individual applicable CPD points.
Courses and qualifications can vary between states. These apply for NSW building certificate and Builders license NSW.