The things that wedding plans overlook.

– Post Wedding Plans: We tend to book the Honeymoon in advance, but the transition between the reception and the honeymoon tends to get overlooked. You may want to crash somewhere after dancing till 3 am. You might want to arrange something for guests who are intoxicated, like a shuttle bus. Staying one night at the same place as the reception can be a good option; avoid a plane flight and honeymoon whilst overtired.

– Arrange for luggage to go to the place you are staying after the reception. You might need a makeup bag during the reception, and a change of clothes and dance shoes, but make sure things you won’t need till tomorrow are only going to be there tomorrow.

– Arrange for wedding gifts to be collected and delivered somewhere safe till you get back. If you have changed out of the wedding dress you might arrange for that to be taken too. Make a list of any decoration that you want to keep hold of.

– Arrange for any necessary legal documents (there will be some) needed for signing the wedding certificate, and arrange for them to be taken home again. Keep your passport separate if you need it for the honeymoon.

– Insure things like the wedding rings.

– Makeup kit. Breath mints. Drinking straws (so you don’t ruin your lipstick). Sewing kit, superglue and other repair options. Chalk will usually cover stains on a wedding dress.

– And buy some gifts for anybody who does some service for you during the events, all of the above included.

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