Selective School Tests

shutterstock_144566138There are many students who take the selective schools test. Of course most of them do not pass. And many of those who do enter selective schools were receiving coaching. This seems to contradict the purpose of the test – to find the innate intelligence of the individual students. But the situation is not that simple


Test taking is an inevitable part of entering a selective school. Ironically, rather like stage fright, apprehension about the test may compromise the performance. One solution for this is to simply get use to the situation. After taking a lot of tests the apprehension becomes less of an issue; we are less anxious about something we are familiar with. There is an added advantage in that frequent tests teach students to work to a time limit, and to apply their abilities to an immediate goal. For the two or three hours of the test there is the task at hand and nothing else. A student who can full apply themselves to this, free from anxiety, will perform near the best of their ability.


Coaching for tests cannot really increase a child’s intelligence. It can increase their ability by allowing them to make the most of their potential, but that is all. Yet that make all the difference. It is more than just dealing with nerves, important as that may be.  A side-effect of learning in groups (a class of any reasonable size) is that the teaching must be held to the lowest common denominator. Private tutoring, by contrast, can look at what the individual student needs. If there is a misconception holding them back it can be dealt with directly. Private tutoring easily optimizes both the individual’s student ability and the experience of education they have received to that point.


If you are interested in sending your child to a Selective School Gladesville, Rhodes, Ryde GL Academy campuses cater to this need. We make sure your child reaches their potential and has the best chance possible.

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