Telstra WiFi

Prior to the paid for Wi-Fi Telstra will launch year they will trailing a fee Wi-Fi service at several hotspot locations around Australia. It is intended to give the public a taste of the future system; only this free version won’t be very secure.
The free Wi-Fi will initially appear at popular tourist and shopping destinations. It will be open for use by anybody, unlike the latter version which will be included in the service for Telstra customers, and available with a ‘small fee’ for users of other phone companies.
Individuals should be aware that, like most public Wi-Fi networks, the free Telstra network leaves users open to security problems. Personal information, like passwords and bank details, are vulnerable to theft.
The 2015 Wi-Fi plan will cost over $100 million dollars, and will eventually include two million hotspots in Australia, though this will take a projected five years. Connection with global provider Fon means this service will also include 13 million international hotspots.
As well as allowing greater coverage Telstra plans to connect the Wi-Fi system with own Home broadband systems. Individuals will be able to use part of their home broadband allowance at any Telstra hotspot.

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