Some ideologies emphasis the spoken word over the written, and others emphasis the written word over speech, but no educated person denies the importance of the written word. Language is one of the cornerstones of civilization and culture. Without it civilized life would be impossible, to say nothing of progress.

Essay writing is the use of language in a structured way to communicate ideas, either foundation and established ideas on which cultural knowledge is built, or new ideas that build on earlier knowledge and allow individuals and society progress. The essential nature of language and essay writing is reflected in the fact that language (in Australia, English studies) is virtually the only subject made compulsory all the way through the education system. Virtually all other subjects are compromised without it.
The essay writing Sydney North Shore Debating & Public Speaking Academy teaches centers on text studies. We stress the detailed comprehension of literary themes, literary techniques, characters, and other aspects of classic literature. We believe in teaching children to find the connecting ideas is the work of others and to teach them to connect the facts, their interpretations of what they read, and their own creative ideas and insights into essays that are analytically, creative, structured, and that convey their perspectives effectively.

At North Shore Debating and Public Speaking Academy your classes link essay writing to oral presentations, an important aspect in both education and employments fields, and our curriculum is tailored to the contents of the HSC. Many of our lecturers have worked as teachers and assessors for advanced courses in HSC English.

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