Dry Mouth

A dry mouth feels exactly as one would expect, but it is causes more problems than one would expect.
A dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, alcohol (even in mouthwash), some medications, tobacco use, or as the side effect of a serious illness. These conditions and products prevent saliva from being produced.
Simply drinking water can prevent or reverse the problem.
Chewing gum helps many people, but sugar in the gum can cause problems and sugar-free gum contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame that can cause allergic reactions, even in small doses. Mints have the same advantages and disadvantages.
Eating moist food, and dramatically reducing salt and sugar intake help considerably. Sticky food substances should also be avoided.
Keep the atmosphere in your house and office well hydrated. Use a humidifier if necessary.
The lack of saliva circulation in a dry mouth contributes significantly to tooth decay, as well as problems with sore throats and nasal irritation.



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