Staying sane and together

Live honestly, as much as possible – it’s easier to keep things clear in your head if you aren’t constantly cover something up, or trying to remember which thought is real and which story was just an invention. It’s so much trouble for an accountant to keep two set of books, and savings are forgotten with the time and trouble taken. This is one time that the easier option is better.

Greet your partner like you mean it. The relationship isn’t a habit, it’s one of the main reasons we continue living.

Watch the same ongoing TV series and discuss it afterwards. Different perspectives on a common interest are good.

Most of the time a partner understands their family better than you, so it is usually better to let them handle negotiations. Exceptions occasionally exist; you might see something from an outsider perspective that they miss, but proceed with caution. Wanting to understand his/her family is usually good; trying to fix things is very risky.

Know you are different people, so will disagree on some things. They are not an opposite gender version of yourself. Differences of opinion are inevitable and normal. If there actually is a right and wrong in a certain situation your partner will be right at least on some occasions. Take your mistakes graciously, and never make another feel bad for their mistakes.

Some people say to never go to bed mad; others say staying up late only makes you tired and this causes more problems. Not sure what to advise here, but don’t stay up all night wondering about it.

If in doubt about the right action or response, lean towards humility, kindness, sincerity or at least be tactfully honest.

Keep personal mementos around, especially of things you do/did together. The Best wedding photography is high on the list here. It helps to have some top wedding photography. A good image might exaggerate the physical attractiveness of the bride and groom, but think of it a capturing your ideal self and live up to this.

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