Eyelash Extension Courses, Sydney


Some innovations solve a problem, others create a desire and then satisfy it. In the case of eyelash extensions women had always desired longer, fuller lashes.  The introduction of semi-permanent lashes satisfied this desire far better than any previous method of augmenting lashes.

Old style false eyelashes took a little bit of skill to apply, but it was the type of skill almost anybody could acquire with a little practice, and each woman applied her false lashes on a regular basis.

Professional eyelash extensions require a great deal of skill if they are to be correctly applied; self application really isn’t an option. Women who want the realistic look of semi-permanent lashes will need to have them professionally applied, but the good news is the results last several weeks. Women with semi-permanent eyelash extensions can forgo daily application and simply enjoy the appearance of their eyes,

Eyelash extensions add length, thickness and fullness to the natural lashes. Each natural lash of the eyelid has one or more artificial lashes permanently attached. These last till the natural lash grows out, giving them an effective life of up to 8 weeks. As long as these lashes aren’t exposed to some oil substances they are basically maintenance free.

Training to become a professional eyelash technician can be completed within a day, provided that the applicant has substantial background in eyelash and beauty treatments. Applicants should provide their own model.

The safety factors in eyelash application must be understood; this is part of the reason why a professional course and accreditation are important. Hygiene factors are also important, and while correct procedures are not difficult to follow once learnt it is imperative that they be understood before any applications are attempted. Eyelash extension courses and accreditation demonstrate proven methods, avoiding much trial and error and preventing potential accidents.

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