Common Real Estate Photo Editing Changes


Real Estate Photo Editing services often make the best out of your photos by:

– Making indoor rooms appear evenly lit. When we are physically in a room our brains compensate for lighting levels. Photos have to be retouched to remove glare and shadows, to resemble how we picture them in our mind’s eye.
Remove Clutter. The art of adding fine retail (greebling) works for art and film production, but not for our homes. We find open spaces and clean wall, maybe regular pattern, more appealing.
– Give outdoor shots some fine weather. A sunny or rainy day shouldn’t affect the sale of a house, but the look of the weather in a photo is part of the first impression. We make sure the photo shows the house in the best possible light, even if it was taken on a late, dreary afternoon.
– Make sure the horizontal lines really are horizontal. As a building is almost always taller than a human we tend to photograph them while looking upward. This perspective means the top of the house seems to lean inward and away from us. Real estate photo retouching make the image look sharp and square with the observer.
Remove camera artefacts. We have all seen the ‘red eye reflection’ from a flash. It’s in the photo but obviously not a true representation of what the person actually look like. More subtle version of these artefacts appear in other photos. We rid your real estate photos of these minor little details.

Real Estate Photo Editing will not
Remove telegraph poles or fixtures that are part of the property, unless the planned removal of such fixtures is in writing.
– Replace bare earth with grass, unless the grass is in progress.
– Compensate for a truly untidy appearance.

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