Keratoconus Optometrist Sydney


Keratoconus Optometrist Sydney

Keratoconus is a serious eye condition where the cornea, the transparent window at the front of the eye, grows thin and changes shape. This misshapen cornea severely compromises vision. The type of correction required to correct this compromised eyesight cannot usually be achieved with eyeglasses. Unless the problem is minor the eyes require hard contact lenses to reshape the cornea.

With keratoconus the eye’s thinning cornea often becomes cone shaped. A hard contact lens is required to restore the cornea to its regular shape, making it a smooth part of the eye’s spherical surface. The two most popular options here are hard contacts worn on a regular basis during the day, or contacts worn overnight to reshape the cornea during sleep. This overnight option is known as Orthoketatology; it does away with the need for daytime glasses or contacts.

Keratoconus is a serious disorder that requires ongoing treatment. Left unattended it will steadily grow worse, leaving a person no functional eyesight. It is important to have a reasonably local optometrist for keratoconus treatment; regular appointments and ongoing changes are part of the treatment programme. For those in need of a Keratoconus Optometrist Sydney has several good options.

Orthokeratolgy is also useful for several eyesight issues other than Keratoconus. Individuals who need to forgo glasses because of the line of work, or wish to avoid glasses simply for the convenience, will often find Orthokeratology a good option.

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