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Our grandparent’s generation had some misconceptions about how to look after your eyesight, thinking that carrots had some magical property to help people see in the dark, or that Television was harmful, but they were right to emphasis the importance of looking after your eyes. The yes we have are the only pair we will have. There are no replacements.

  • Have an eye Check from the optometrist at least one a year, even if you experience no apparent problems. If there is a problem with your vision it is easier to treat if it is picked up earlier on. Glaucoma and wet age related macular degeneration will often go unnoticed at first, until the problem is too serious to ignore.
  • Report any change in vision or your eyes to the optometrist immediately and have it checked.
  • Peripheral vision is affected by Macular degeneration. If peripheral vison appears warped this is an early indicator of the condition. Unlike a few years ago there are treatments for this, and the condition can be at least partially reversed if caught early on.
  • Diabetes will put individuals at higher risk of developing vision problems. Have regular optometrist check-ups.
  • Use safety goggles whenever appropriate. These are inexpensive, so buy several pairs and keep them near work machines or any situation where they might be needed.
  • Don’t give laser pointers to children, these will harm eyes.
  • Eat the healthiest diet possible. Avoid processed and junk food.
  • Use of Ortho K lenses, worn at night, means not needing glasses during the day. And unlike glasses these will prevent eyesight from progressively degenerating over time.
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors. The Ultraviolet light will slowly take its toll on our eyesight. Use polarized 100% UV sunglasses glasses.
  • If you work with computers or other devices with screens consider glasses to reduce blue light.
  • Avoid bright lights, like mobile phones or devices, before bed.

Optometrist Sydney

Make regular appointments and talk to your optometrist about having the healthiest eyesight possible.

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