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Why Does A shower Start to Leak?

Many leaks are caused by building movement. Houses are moderately stable, but it doesn’t take too much movement to cause a 1 mm crack in the tiling. And a 1 mm crack can lead to many serious problems. The fact that the shower and bathroom area is wet only makes it more susceptible to movement. The fact that bathrooms are made of hard materials like concrete means there is no flexibility, as there might be with wooden floors. Bathrooms and laundries are prone to these issues, even in a well-made house.


Why not Leave The Leak?

If the crack was caused by moisture than the crack will only let more moisture in, and the problem will escalate. This can lead to serious foundations stability. Repairing the house foundation is far more expensive and time consuming than repairing a leaky shower.


Can’t I fix a Leak Shower Myself?

If it is a simple repair and you know the exactly where the problem is, maybe. However, home handymen often make a repair only to find there was more to the problem than they realized. People often fix a symptom of the problem rather than the underlying cause, all while the underlying cause grows worse. A professional repair looks after the whole situation and fixes everything. Else, they come back free of charge.


How Long does It Take for Leaky Shower Repairs?

Often less than half a day, though serious repairs do take longer. With standard sealing treatment the shower can be used a few hours later. At worst the shower can be used 24 hours after repair.


What Signs Should I Look For?

  • Mouldy and damaged tiles.
  • Wet walls and carpets, especially in adjacent rooms.
  • Any sign of water in rooms below the shower.
  • Foundation/structural change.
  • Any sudden changes in the bathroom system.


Is there More than One Repair Method?

Repair methods depend on the problem. Sometime a minor problem just needs resealing. Major problems, like missing tiles, require regrouting and tile replacement. If it is possible to fix leaking shower without removing tile then that is the best approach to take. No company should over repair.


Leaky Balcony Repairs Perth

The thought of a balcony collapsing is unthinkable. Damage to property alone would cost many thousands of dollars. Potential human injuries can be disastrous. Any issues with tiles on balconies should be immediately repaired.


Leaking Tile Repairs Perth

Tiles are a major part of the shower structure. Replacing and regrouting tiles is a major undertaking, but the results last for many years. For Regrouting Perth based WOW tiles are you best choice.

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