The news of late has a lot to day about the changes to the 457 VISA, which looks to be axed and replaced by two other types of VISA.

The 457 VISA allowed a foreign skilled worker into Australia to work for an employer who sponsors them.  It allowed the person into Australia for four years, and allowed them to apply for permanent residency after two years, or sooner under some circumstances.

The work had to be in an area approved of by the government, basically in an area that needed more workers.

There was a reasonable English fluency expected – 5 on the IELTS, with a minimum of 4.5 in each section.

457 visa holders were allowed to bring families to the country for work or study.


All this looks to be ending.

There will now be two new VISAs, short term for 2 years, and medium term for 4 years.



This is a 2 year VISA, with a possible 2 year extension. After this time the visa holder must leave the country and reapply. This offers no possibility for permanent residency.

There are about 650 possible job classifications, which is 200 less than the previous 457 visa.

The application fee for this short term VISA is $1150.



This is a 4 year VISA for highly skilled workers. It requires a fairly high level of English and an applicant must work in one of 183 designated categories.

Individuals holding the medium term VISA can apply for permanent residency.

The application for this medium term VISA is $2400.

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