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Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye. It is a condition that compromises vision. Because cataracts develop gradually over time they may initially go unnoticed. Symptoms included faded colours, poor night vision, halos around light or pain blurry vision. Cataracts are a safety issue, increasing the risk of accidents and falling, and severely compromising the ability to drive.

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Cataracts are more common amongst the elderly, but do occasionally occur in younger individuals. Occasionally they are present at birth. The risk of developing cataracts in old age can be significantly reduced with a healthy lifestyle. Tobacco smoking and excessive alcohol consumption increase the occurrence of cataracts. Individuals with diabetes, or with the type of poor diet that increases the chance of type two diabetes, have an increased risk of developing cataracts as they age.


Exposing the eyes to UV light increases the risk of developing cataracts. Strangely enough, the lens in the eye actually filters out UV light. When this lens is removed it increases the amount of UV light seen by the individual. With modern cataract surgery the natural (but damaged) lens is replaced with an artificial lens.


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Healthy eating habits will greatly reduce the risk of developing cataracts over time. Wearing good quality sunglasses with UV protection also reduces the risk.

Exposing the eyes to heat or microwave radiation greatly increases the risk of developing cataracts. Persons working with furnaces, glassblowing or similar occupations are at a greater risk than most people. Safety glasses are of some benefit for these situations.


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It you have eyesight issues talk to your optometrist. There is almost always some way to improve eyesight, and in some cases the problem can be removed entirely.

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