Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can give simple, open lines to a room, covering a window with a clean space, or with a custom designed image. Fabrics can vary, allowing different amounts of visibility and light penetration. You can choose to see the outside only when the blind is open, or partially when it is closed; you can choose a translucent look that allows the natural outdoor light to get in without anybody seeing in or out, and have UV sun protection to prevent harmful solar rays.

Roller Blinds are easy to operate, and are relatively free of mechanical failures. Traditionally blinds were manually operated by a chain, or occasionally a tuning handle. Now mechanical motor blind systems are popular, working by remote control. Spring loaded systems are a more recent development, allowing for very smooth and reliable operation.

Of course one of the attraction of blinds over other forms of window coverings, is that they allow you to control how much light enters the room. It isn’t a matter of all or nothing; you can choose any level inbetween. This can be great for enjoying summer sunshine, or the best of winter weather; and it can make a considerable difference to heating bills.

Yet many people really choose roller blinds for their aesthetic appeal. Few other window coverings allow a customized picture. It quite possible to provide something better than the actual view outside the window. A bland room can be massively improved with a view of a classic landscape, or anything from one’s imagination.

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