You are accountable for your appearance. This does not meant to say you have to sew your own cloths, but you can decide what you want to want and how you want it changed.
Friends, family and others have an opinion. Listen to them respectfully, but in the end you have to decide for yourself. For one thing, they rarely agree with each other. And in the rare cases that they do they may be making a good point.
Having alterations to your clothing done can be the smart way to go about things. Older looks can be updated; inherited item can be brought down to size. If you’ve lost or gained weight a perfectly good suit can go on being a perfectly good fit for several more years to come, given an appropriate alteration.
Knowing what can and cannot be achieved via an alteration can be a great asset. You can occasionally buy something at a great discount because it wasn’t quite right somehow, and then get it altered. Great if you are not proportioned according to some standard template that most clothes seem to cater to. It’s far more economical than getting things tailor made. Also great for occasions where a dress would have been just what you wanted if only one things had been different. But of course this is a risk unless you know in advance what is possible with alterations.

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