Pool Fence Ideas

Traditional Pool Fence Sydney
Picketed fences continue to be popular because they work effectively and are available in so many options. There is almost always an option to suit any situation. Various metals and woods work well for picketed fences. The metals are often long lasting and many can be produced in a variety of colours.

Invisible Pool fence.
While not literally invisible a tempered glass fence is very unobtrusive. Glass manages to look classy while not compromising the décor that is already there or make the available space seem smaller. It also provides a clear view of the pool if you need to supervise children, or just like to keep the pool on display.

Natural fence.
If you don’t like the idea of having a fence, but find you require one by law, you can disguise the barrier by putting a garden in front of it. This is rather like the traditional habit of growing ivy over a structure. A lattice fence is ideal for this.

Balustrade Sydney
Fence ideas can often be used for more than one part of the home. Pool fences than match or compliment balustrades or other structure in the family home can be a good décor option.





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