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A Few Common Questions About Deck Timber Decking Sydney.

What is the Best Type of Wood for Decking?

It depends on the budget. As transport cost of wood is considerable you will usually get a better price for locally produced timber. For Sydney, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum; these are all hard and durable. Find what is available at the time. The colour can be changed with oiling and other treatments, though the pattern of the wood is also a consideration.

What About Composite Decking over Timber Decking

Some good timber decking can last for generations, being periodically sanded back and re-oiled. As long as it is protected against termites and fungal rot (from being constantly damp) it will endure. Composite timber has not been around long enough to achieve this record, but as it cannot be sanded and restored it does not look to be as durable.

When Should I Re-oil My Deck?

The oil treatment is there to prevent water soaking into the deck. If water obviously soaking in you need to re-oil. If you are unsure, sprinkle a handful of water on the surface. If the water bead and stay in the surface of the timber the oil treatment is still fine. If is soaks in, you will need to re-oil.

I Have Uneven Floorboards

This is not too uncommon if the floor is only a few years old. Timber is organic, and moisture evaporates over the course of several years. As moisture evaporates the wooden planks may shift to a small degree. This will not affect structural integrity, but it can be a safety hazard for anybody walking on the floor. Minor unevenness can be fixed with sanding; more serious issues need special attention, but these can be restored.

Any unevenness in older floors needs to be inspected. Unstable floorboards may be the result of water under the floor or other issues that affect building integrity. These issues need immediate attention.

How Often Should I have Timber Decking Re-sanded?

For a private home the decking need not be redone for 10 years, longer if there are few signs of wear. Commercial facilities have a lot more traffic, and may need flooring re-sanded every 2 or 3 years. If there is no real issue with the floor, if the finish still repels water and there is no unevenness or buckling, the floor is probably fine for the present moment.

Decking Timber Sanding Sydney

Talk to the sanding specialists about any concerns. Many problems can be fixed easily, whether it is sanding, fixing unevenness or recoating a surface. Even it several issues need to be addressed all at once the results will last and be trouble free for years.

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