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Laminate flooring may be the best option for those who want to be creative with their decorating while still on a budget. The flooring and the walls are two of, if not the most significant factors in how a room looks; they are also the most permanent factors. It is a relatively easy matter to change the lounge or curtains; changing the flooring or repainting the walls a major task.

Then again part of the point of renovating a room is the sense of accomplishment that comes from putting in time an effort; the other is the actual end result. Laminate is one of the most versatile options for end results, and relatively inexpensive.

Laminate flooring is a composite material, consisting of several layers of melamine, high density core board and a hard plastic or resin coating over a paper finish. This paper, protected by the hard finish, can have virtually any pattern printed upon it. It is this virtually unlimited array of patterns, imitating realistic looking wooden finishes, or stone, or tile, that makes laminate so versatile. Conservative wooden flooring can be realistically reproduced with laminate, as well as pleasant looking alternative finishes that are photo-realistic. Bold and unusual colours and patterns, for art deco or unorthodox designs, are equally possible with the printed finish of laminated timber.

The surface of modern laminate flooring is at least as durable as other flooring, and will last for many years with only minimal effort. Unlike solid wooden flooring it cannot be sanded back, but this is not necessary with laminate. If preventative measures are taken to prevent scratching, such as felt pads on furniture and removal of hard shoes, any problem are unlikely.

The only real disadvantage of laminate is that it cannot be used for bathroom, laundries or anywhere prone to frequent water spillage. As these areas require tiles rather than wooden flooring this is not really a concern. Laminate is a good option for kitchens.

As laminate cannot be refinished so its appearance is permanent. Where the colour of a wooden floor can be changed via sanding and staining (an arduous task) the look of laminate flooring can only be changed by actually replacing the floor. If you are happy with the decision you have made and the look of the floor this is simply not an issue.

Manufacturing processes for all flooring use chemical. Some of these products can cause allergic reactions, so it is worthwhile checking the situation with all members of the household. It is also worth asking about the laminate, bamboo or timbers flooring you intend to use; ask about formaldehyde and nay other chemicals. Quality products tend to be safer to use and a better long term investment

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