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VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): These are gasses emitted by solids or Liquids (in this case paints) that have negative short or long term health effects. As the name suggests the compounds are often natural in origin, though there are artificially made chemical compounds as well. The word ‘organic’ refers to organic chemistry, meaning the substances contain carbon based molecules. Such chemicals are dangerous because they are similar to biological substances in our bodies; we process them as if they were naturally occurring part of our biology. In truth, they are a bad substitute/counterfeit for our own biological compounds, and cause health problems.

VOCs are an issue because they are airborne at normal temperatures. They have a low boiling point, meaning painted room will emit VOC to some degree even in freezing conditions. The best known of the airborne chemicals is formaldehyde, which exists in paint, carpet, some wooden furniture, some plastics and many other products. Over time the amount of formaldehyde will decrease, and the short term effects on health will abate, but long terms effects are still uncertain. Benzene and acetone are two other problem chemicals.

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Most people are familiar with the smell of a new carpet, a new car or any recent paintwork. This smell includes the chemicals like formaldehyde. Airing a room for several days, using odour absorbing substances like onions, charcoal and bicarbonate of soda, and using an air cleaning device all help get rid of formaldehyde. Indoor plants are great for keeping these chemicals at low levels; search the internet for the best type of plants.

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There are paints that advertise themselves as low VOC or even zero VOC. These do emit much lower levels of harmful gas, but no paint is chemical free. Even the best paint emits some VOCs, even if the amount seems negligible.

Pregnant women and small children should be kept away from recently painted rooms. We recommend air purifiers and plants to keep air VOC to an absolute minimum.