Advertising is part of our business world. It has changed in form with the internet, and it has changed a little in approach, as we like to think we are more sincere and honest these days. But one question that always remains is what advertising will help any particular business the most. Advertising signs are an option that have stayed around for years.  They consistently prove effective. And even if they aren’t used for advertising in the traditional sense a sign is almost always need just to identify a place of business.

According to a FedEx Survey:

  • 76% of customers entered a store of business because of the sign.
  • 75% had told others about a business because of the sign.
  • 68% believe that the sign reflects the quality of the products
  • 67% of purchasers say they ended up buying a product because of a sign.
  • 60% claim lack of a sign deters them from entering a store.
  • 50% claim a poor sign is a deterrent
  • There is about a 10% increase in business for about 60% of companies who update their signs.
  • Small companies believe that signs were a major part of making their business stand out. Large companies recognised signs as one important factor that helped business.

Signs Sydney

Signs provide continuous advertising for a business, rain, shine, electrical failure or internet problems aside. Signs are quite inexpensive and work 24 hours, 7 day a week.