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Is Primer Necessary?

The short answer is yes. The bare walls of Gyprock, the most common interior surface, will soak up paint. You will need at least the first layer of paint to be primer. Repaints will not really require this.

Some paint has primer as part of the formula. These do work well on most surfaces, but they cost more than regular paint and often necessitate two coats. It is actually more economical to use primer and a good quality regular paint.

Different surfaces will require different primers.

Primer is unlikely to lower the result of your paintwork.

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Two Coats of Paint or One?

This is an old habit that still persists. Older styles of paint often looked better with two coats. The technology has improved since then; new paint looks just as good with one coat.

No Need to Paint the Ceiling.

Ceiling paint suffers minimal damage as is it well out of reach, so there is often little need to paint it. But if you want to change the colour the there is no reason not to make a change.

Children’s rooms can work well with patterned ceilings. An azure (sky blue) can make a ceiling look further away, and hence make the room look bigger.

You can’t just do Part of the Paintwork

It is easier than ever to find the right shade to match the old wall colour, even if the old wall paint has faded. Computers do a fine job of this.

Children will Ruin Walls by Writing on Them

Many of them try. But there are modern paints that are fairly easy to clean.

Painting Services Sydney

The right house interior painting can change the space you live in. Find the right option before you start, and have the best looking paint job possible.facebook612x612

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