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There are a few cases of individuals regrowing lost teeth, or just growing a third compete set in the same way that the rest of us grew a second set in our youth. But these are genetic abnormalities. Most of us will not do this naturally. Yet science has some promising leads that may repair dental cavities or regrow teeth.


Dental Stem Cells.

New teeth have been successfully regrown in mice since about 2004. Stem cells correctly planted in the jaw grow to replace the original lost tooth in size, shape and form. Problems occur with incorrectly planted stem cells which may turn into the wrong type of tooth. However, properly implemented the stem cells create both the tooth and the surrounding tissue and bone. It is literally growing a new tooth.


In humans new teeth from stem cells should take about 2 months to grow, with the procedure costing about $3000.oo, approximately twice the cost of an implanted tooth. Dentists will not have this technology available for a few more years.


Dental Cavity Regrown

Dentists aren’t going to recommend replacing the whole tooth for the sake of a smaller cavity, and there’s no need to. Kings collage in London has developed a way for teeth to heal decay. It is far from instantaneous, but electrical current will allow a pre-treated part of the tooth to re-mineralize. It presently only works on smaller decay problems, but this may well is developed further. This technology looks to be available sooner than the stem cell replacement technique.






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