Benefits of Airport Transfers

Airport transfers have made life so much easier. Life mobile phones and the internet, it is hard to remember what life was like without them. Just try think about all the stress and organization that goes with arranging alternatives. Public transport is actually quite good in Sydney, but the airport-link it private and priced the same amount as a taxi; luggage on public transport can be a bulky affair. Taxis are convenient in many ways, but they are expensive for any reasonable distance. Shuttles are a good deal, especially with a group. Luggage is conveniently stored, the shuttle is there only for your party, and there is the benefit of the bus lane, making for faster travel times.

Catching a flight from public transport is a risk. Apart for the issues with carrying luggage it is hard to estimate travel times. And if you miss your flight the results are disastrous. The same risk applies to private transport; having a friend or relative drop you off risks a missed flight. Experienced shuttle drivers know the best ways to and from the airport, the best tricks for avoiding traffic, have permission to use the bus lane, and can get a better estimate of the travel times than most others.

The big advantage of modern shuttle services is on line and over the phone booking. Paperwork is a nightmare, as is waiting in line for a taxi. Booking a shuttle over the phone or internet allows you to pay by credit card and simply travel at the right time.

If you ever have to catch an early flight you will appreciate using a shuttle. Imagine trying to catch a 6am flight using public transport that leaves while it’s still dark! Now compare that to sleeping in the shuttle on the way over. The same goes for the return journey; do you want a long flight to end with more time spent on the train and bus?  Far better to have a shuttle waiting for you, and be delivered to your front door.

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