Types of Blinds

Blinds come in a variety of types, each of which has its own advantages and aesthetic attributes; but really they’re all good. Blinds are inexpensive, simple to use and reliable. The materials used for blinds can provide a complete blockout of all light, or a translucent effect than lights the room while preventing people from seeing in, or simply some reliable UV protection. With some types of modern blind there is more than one option available.

Roller blinds are extremely popular. They are simple to operate, simple to keep clean; they work effectively and come in so many different colours (including some printed patterns) that it is a straightforward matter to suit them to any home or particular room.

Vertical blinds are a more traditional option. There are a range of materials with vertical blinds that offer many different colours and varying amounts of light penetration, and the design allows one to continuously vary the amount of coverage with a simple cord or automated control. Vertical blinds consists of vertical lengths of material that can be aligned into a single plane that covers the whole window, or an alternating series of spaces that allows complete visibility inside and out. They are a good option when the window reaches to the floor.

Venetian Blinds, unlike most other window options, are made of a solid material such as wood. They are highly resistant to water and weather, are easy to clean and allow as much or as little light and privacy as one desires. Venetian blinds are horizontal lengths of material whose angle is varied via a simple control such as a cord. They are more often used when the window is well above the floor.

Double Roll Shades. These combine two types of material with alternating stripes of solid and transparent material on two layers of blind. The two layers of blind can be aligned to allow alternate bands of solid and transparent material, or continuous solid material.

Due to child safety issues we do not recommend the use of cords to control blinds. Rod or electronic controls provide effective and safe ways to alter the setting of a blind.

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