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The House Painters may do the best job imaginable, but the room still has to be decorated. Sometimes you find you have a room with a certain colour or look and you have to use it in a way not originally intended. It would be a pity to change a perfectly good paint job. There are always ways to add to the situation and change the whole effect of a room.

The amount of light in a room changes the aesthetics, mood and perception of a room; it tends to affect the mood of the inhabitants as well. Let in more light and a room seems bigger and more open, even if the walls are a darker colour. Sometimes a skylight can do this, or windows. But adding these things is not always possible. Else you can use electric illumination, which is especially effective if it is made to imitate sunlight.

If a house or building is new and recently painted it may not yet have carpeting. Choosing the right carpet, mainly colour but also shag type, is a major factor in any room. Really, these things should be considered before the paint colour is selected; but if you have had the colour chosen for you there are still ways to choose matching carpets to create an impressive effect.

Curtains and drapes make almost as much impact on the décor as the carpet. And there’s no law that says they have to have a window behind them!  Plain colour materials can be very inexpensive, yet simple tricks like matching the curtains to the carpet (light colour walls with dark carpet and drapes) can make for a very vivid room.

Many modern decorating companies now produce large images that cover an entire wall. A small room, especially a plain one, can feel much bigger and feel totally different if one wall is a mountain view or a rustic European street scene. Large posters can also have this effect.

One of the great advantages of modern society is the amount of guesswork taken out by computer simulation. Even if you are not particularly computer savvy you can simply take a digital image or two and use Photoshop. It is quite easy to change the colour of a flat surface, like a floor, with Photoshop and get a reasonably good idea of what the overall effect would be if you recarpeted. Try hanging a few plain sheets over the windows and using Photoshop to see what different colour curtains will look like.

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