Free Check Ups

Medicare Free Yearly Check-up

Medicare is offering a full refund on an annual dental check-up. This offer applies to customers with an extras policy, over two thirds of the present Medicare members

Apparently one reason for this offer is the substantial link between dental health and overall health. If people keep their teeth in good order they reduce the risk of many other health problems, including heart disease later in life. Spending money now on prevention can help reduce the problems later on, and the money needed to be spent on more serious issues.

Another reason is that people are expecting more value from their medical insurance; rival insurance companies have been increasing their benefits, and Medicare wishes to stay ahead.

If you are an eligible Medicare member then take advantage of the free check-up and talk to your Carlingford Dentist.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

A free service providing basic dental care for children had been introduced in January 2014. Unfortunately, this looks to be ending in January 2017, or at least replaced with a different scheme. However, children aged 2-17 years may be eligible if they make the dental visit before the end of the calendrer year.

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