Feeling More Space

While coyness has an appeal we usually prefer the feeling of rooms with more space. This feeling of space can be achieved both psychologically, by making a room seem more open, and by actually changing the structure or furnishings.


Combining rooms can make tow moderate rooms seem larger. It is common to see a lounge and dining room joined together. This make both rooms seem more open, and hence spacious. As long as both are not used simultaneously, as long as a television in the lounge does not interrupt the evening meal, there should be no issue.


Colour make a big difference. Darker colours, or more intense colours, make a room feel smaller. Light colours tend to make a room feel larger, though there is the occasional exception. Lighter coloured floors also help. As long as the flooring matches the wall and décor there is rarely a problem.


Mirrors, especially large ones, make a room both feel bigger and provide more light. Try to make sure that nobody tries to walk through the mirror.


Moving items to above head height also helps. Use space above head height for shelves and displays.


Timber Floor Sydney

A light coloured timber floor will make a room look bigger. It also tends to hide scuff marks well. Providing a different rug or other basic furnishings allows homeowners to adapt the room for summer or winter.

loose lay sydney hana timber

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo floors are becoming very popular. The have a similar look and function to the better quality traditional timber floor, but are less expensive and more environmentally sound. Make sure bamboo flooring products are grown for more than 5 years for optimal hardness.


Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating timber floors can be installed above an existing floor. Being quick and reasonably easy to install they are ideal for DIY projects. The floating floor provides great thermal and acoustic isolation.


Today’s blocks of land are often smaller than those of a generation ago. This is all the more reason to make use of the space available. Some careful planning and rearranging can make all the difference.

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