Boxes for End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney

When moving everything we own out of a house we find we need a lot of boxes. As we won’t be keeping the boxes long we don’t want to spend much time of effort on them. But for the brief time we spend moving between houses the boxes will be indispensable.


Office Supply Stores

These will sell good quality boxes designed for long term storage. They are probably over and above what you require when moving house, and you will have to pay for the items. But if you need a few strong boxes for heavy items, or intend to put things in long term storage, these are a good option.



Books are heavy, so they come in strong boxes. Bookstores will have boxes left over from book deliveries, so if you can get there before the boxes are recycled you will have some sturdy containers.


Liquor Stores and Bars

These establishments also require strong boxes, as glass liquor bottles are heavy. They are probably glad to get rid of the material. Though some of the boxes will come without lids.


Shopping Centres and Grocery Stores

These will have many boxes, and they are probably left unsupervised in the rubbish outside. But the quality will vary, with most boxes being small and not especially strong. They should be suitable for storing clothing.


It is best to ask about spare boxes before taking.


End of lease cleaning Sydney

You will want to have everything packed before calling in the home cleaners for the end of lease cleaning. Boxes, if stored in a dry place, can allow you to have many things packed well in advance of the move out.

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