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Not so much going for a treatment as incorporating ideals into your life.

Simplify a little (or a lot) by buying less stuff. Did it have a novelty appeal when you first bought it? Perhaps not even that. We might need a few things now that we didn’t need a few generations back, but not everything that we simply accumulate. Concentrate on what’s there, and make use of something because of how it might help you, or someone else. Don’t plan on buying anything else; if you need something it will work out.

Our phone is the prime example. You might need to check it for some business need; or you might compulsively check it because you are distracting yourself from something else. Try sitting still and paying attention to what we are trying to distract ourselves from. Be coherent, which you cannot do if you only have (or are only aware of) half of yourself.

Get some perspective on problems, and accept the human failing we all have. Blaming everything on yourself will cause no end of confusion; blaming everybody except yourself, or some pet hate target, it every bit as confusing. We are all part of an interactive system, we contribute to the problems we suffer, and the problems others suffer; and sometime we are just in the way when somebody else has issues. But we are never isolated. We are part of a context, and need to understand ourselves and others as such.

Celebrate differences. There is no one template for all things, and we’d be monotonous creatures otherwise, not to mention vary stagnant. We are interacting with many forces and many other people. There is no single cause and effect, but many complex patterns. We are always in flux.

We can control some things, but not all. But we can always make ourselves more open to change. Breathe in the world, see the bigger picture and embrace yourself as part of it. You are one of many, but as unique as anything else. Accept what you know of realty, and then seek more.

Eat healthy, and enjoy it. A better lifestyle and the good food that goes with it will slowly change the background of the world you experience. A better diet and a better mood is less noticeable when it is achieve slowly, but always a good thing to have in the background.

For the stresses in life that you have to deal with schedule a massage at our Strathfield clinic. We have regular customers from Burwood, Concord, Homebush and Strathfield.

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