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Increasing Nitric Oxide (NO) is great for blood circulation. It is widely used for pre-workout supplements and for brain heath (which is benefited by the increased blood flow). The 1998 Noble prize in Physiology was awarded to those who discovered the benefits of Nitric Oxide. It’s hard to find a better endorsement than that.

You can increase your physical and mental performance by increasing the Nitric Oxide in your body. Here are a few ways to do this effectively and inexpensively.

  • Eat nitrate rich foods: spinach, beets, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, radishes, collard greens… apparently eating some vitamin C with this prevents conversion to Nitrosamines.
  • Take grape seed extract. About 100Mg per g of body weight is recommended.
  • Take some garlic, also with vitamin C. This is great for lowering blood pressure.
  • Do exercise. Stay active. This prevents the Nitric Oxide from varying too much. Exercise means there will be a high baseline for the Nitric Oxide, and you will remain above this threshold.
  • Take Pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, great for blood flow and Nitric Oxide.
  • Get Sunlight, as this increased Vitamin D and nitric Oxide.
  • Take Coenzyme 10, found in salmon, grass-fed meat, eggs, brazil nuts, and spinach.
  • Eat capsaicin or Cayenne pepper. Spicy but great for Nitric Oxide.
  • Coffee increases Nitric Oxide, even as the caffeine negates its benefits. Decaf might be the best option.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids. Is there anything these don’t help at some point, Yes, they help nitric Oxide levels too.

Ginseng, especially Korean red ginseng, contains compounds called ‘ginesonides’, similar to androgens such as testosterone. It works to increase testosterone and nitric oxide, which improve circulation and endurance.

We recommend Korean ginseng for improving physical and mental health. Ginseng can cause insomnia in some, so we recommend taking it early in the morning. Some believe it is best used on an empty stomach. Find which methods benefit you the most.

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