WOW TILING – Common Causes of Water Leaks.


There are several reasons for leaks in plumbing. Some are obvious, though a few are sometime hard to pinpoint.


Basically every tap has a washer, which varies in type depending on whether there is hard water or soft, of if the tap is large or small. Washers last for many years, but not forever. The good news is that washers are cheap, and can be replaced by the average homeowner. But we have to watch out for any damage that leaking water might cause. Replace washers at the sight sign of any problem.


Grout and Leaking Tile Repairs Perth

Tiles are fairly solid, and tiles in the shower should not suffer much from heavy objects. But house foundations can shift over time, especially with new buildings. This foundation shift is enough to cause cracks in tiling and the surrounding grout, which quickly causes water leakage. In turn this water leakage may cause further foundation shifting, making the problem worse.


Cracks in tiles and grout may initially go unnoticed, but the damage they cause will eventually be hard to ignore; water leaking into foundations can cause serious stability problems. Issues must be fixed at the first sign of damage.


Rerouting Perth

Sometime leaks can be caused by problems in the grouting. Grouting that is poorly manufactures, poorly mixed or simply too old, can crack and cause water seepage. This needs to be immediately addressed. It is often possible to fix leaking shower without removing tile, provided the issue is addressed early on before the damage is too bad.


Drainage Leaking Shower Repairs Perth

The drain at the bottom of a shower relies on a solid connection between its pipes. Leaks in this section can be hard to locate until damage has already occurred. Leaking drains can cause water problems in floors below or unstable foundations in ground level bathrooms.


Leaking Balcony Repairs Perth

This is also a dangerous situation, and the subject of a further blog.

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