Uncomfortable shoes, or the sore feet inside the, can be enough to distract us from the important things in life. But a few tricks can often eliminate these issues.

Smelly Shoes

There are a few tricks for this. Leaving cheap teabags in the shoes during storage helps soak up any odour. Bicarbonate of Soda and cornflour also have this effect, and they can be left in whilst you wear them.

High Heels.

Some situations lend themselves to high heels, or we just like the look of them. Problems with shoes slipping off can be helped with strategic adhesive pads inside the shoe; they provide a less slippery surface so your foot tends to stay in place.

Sore feet in high heels can be alleviated by taping the second and third toes together, though some people say it should be the third and fourth. Somehow this changes how we put pressure on our feet, so we automatically walk a little differently and our feet feel better.

Tight shoes

A slimmer pair of socks can help. Else, put on a thick pair of socks and heat the shoe with a hairdryer. The leather will expand enough to make the shoe more comfortable. This is particularity effective when only one part of the shoe is tight.

Lacing the shoes in a different manner can alter how the shoes fit. Google for some advice.

Slippery advice

If the shoes don’t grip well, especially on polished surfaces, you can roughen the soles with sandpaper. Else, there are some commercial products that apply like glue and leave a non-slip surface. These also allow your shoes to last longer.

Uneven Shoe Wear

If shoes wear unevenly it is probably the way you are walking. Look at arch supports or other corrective measures. These are inexpensive and preferable to constantly buying new shoes.

Socks online

The right pair of socks can make a big difference to foot comfit. Thinner socks can make a tight pair of shoes comfortable. Thick socks are warm, long lasting, and can prevent the shoes from contacting moisture. Good socks and inexpensive, and well worth stocking up on.





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