Signs have to work at a glance. They are not a manifesto; they are the designed to carry a message that needs no conscious interpretation. The message is the whole point of a sign, the less needed to convey the message the better.

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Perfection is achieved in creative endeavours partly when there is no more that can be added, but more when there is no more that can be taken away. A well-designed sign has been whittled to the crucial point, but no further. This is the way with many things. Insight is about putting your finger on the fundamental point, not about getting lost in details. An effective sign get is point across at a glance; extraneous details are just a distraction.

When considering a design one should bear in mind;

  • The point of the brand or object you are marketing
  • Putting your finger on the single, central point or thought.
  • Translating that point or thought into an image.
  • Look at what can be taken away.
  • Be absolutely minimal with words.
  • Use bold or bright colours. Make the logo.

How the audience perceives the look of the sign is the whole point. Put yourself in the audience’s position.

If you can have one logo, image, idea or concept that work for all you media you can give the company a professional looking presence. Alternately, different demographics might do well with different campaigns. You might have a connoisseur brand and a popular one, or one marketed at youth.

Banners Sydney

These have a large surface area, but still do well with a solid image on an appropriately coloured background. Company or team colours can be as important as the logo design.

Display Stand Sydney

As portable as it get, display stands still need to be bold, convey the message and have the right look.

Stickers Sydney

These vary in size, but are never too large. Like a short quote you need to get the idea across in as few words as possible. The right colours and the right logo – maybe a short slogan.

Marquees Sydney

Marquees are great for trade shows, conferences, outdoor event and many other commercial activities. Given their large surface area there is a temptation to be over elaborate in the design. In truth, company colours and a bold logo are still the most effective way to get the message across.

Posters Sydney

Posters are a good mid-sized advertising option. We can bend the rules a little with this. Stick with the strong logo or image, have the right colours, but you can also add some details at the bottom for those who want a closer look. Remember, they will only come for a closer look if you catch their attention with the overall design.





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