Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng has long been an ingredient in Asian medicine. It has had no end of health benefits, being prescribed for all sorts of illnesses because it helps the body heal itself. It is also been recognized for its endurance benefits; we can last much longer with some ginseng. Lately it has also been finding its way into beauty products.

Ginseng has anti-aging properties. It seems to increaser collagen, which diminishes wrinkles and firms skin. It also seems to make skin look brighter.

Of course, as soon as we start talking about anti-aging we start to encounter antioxidants. Ginseng has antioxidants galore, useful both when applied topically and when consumed. These massively help with cell damage and renewal, and aid blood circulation.

We have always known about red Korean ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties, and the boost it gives to metabolism and weight loss. None of this in new to those who take is orally. It’s just that most of these benefits also carry over to the skin care application of Korean Ginseng.

Anybody wishing to look and feel healthy, and possibly lose some weight in the process, can use ginseng in their diet and on their skin. Red Korean ginseng is considered the best variant of the herb, yielding the maximum health benefits.

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