SEOUL BBQ – Korean BBQ Buffet Sydney

Dining out is about traditions and service, but mostly about the unique food.


Unique food need not mean new ingredients. It is possible to create a million colours with red, blue and yellow; it is possible to create countless dishes with meat, fish, vegetable, rice, and the multiple means of cooking them.


Korean has been divided into many provinces for centuries. Each province produced its own style of cuisine. Each style latter influenced the other styles. The diversity is huge.


Yet across these many styles there are some common features. These are always side-dishes, there is always rice and there is almost always Kimchi. Kimchi is fermented and spicy vegetable, a little like German sauerkraut. It is extremely good for the immune system. Other side dishes include yellow radish, beans, sprouts, and omelette pancakes. There is no end of nutritional values and no end of variety.


Main dishes in Korean are too numerous to list; the variety of different meats dishes is exhaustive. But the fact that there is stir fried pork and thin sliced BBQ beef shows most Australian customers that they will receive a many familiar ingredients, even if they are prepared is a rather unfamiliar way.