Balayage is a French term and technique, meaning ‘to sweep’. It colours hair by a freehand method; sections of hair are separated, painted against a backing board, and then covered in cellophane. It produces a less systematic, less symmetrical result; this look is casual and slightly unkempt, yet very attractive.


This balayage technique can be applied to many different hair styles, short or long. As a technique rather than a particular look it is part of the means of achieving the individual end result. That being said, it is most popular and effective with shoulder length hair.


Balayage is rather difficult and time consuming to apply, but the results are as low maintenance as they are casual. And because there is no demarcation line between the highlights and darker hair, because there are no obvious dark roots, the balayage still look natural as it grows out.


Balayage is sometimes confused with Ombre and sombre, which deliberately look grown out. Ombre has hair that gradually grows darker towards the roots and lighter at the ends, as if the hair was lightened several months ago. Sombre is a more subtle version of this, where the colour difference is only just noticeable. Sombre can look almost natural.


Trends come and go, but there are some techniques that stay because they apply to many different trends. Modern hair dyes have been around for generations; and hair dying goes back for centuries. Whatever new fashions do come along they will incorporate hair dyes from time to time. Balayage dying is not so much a trend as it is one of the techniques we use to implement new trends. We will be using it for many applications for many years to come.


Balayage Sydney Salon

If you have your hair dyed on a regular basis, as many women do, you might consider balayage. Changing the colour technique could very well make for a much better look. Talk to your Sydney Salon about balayage, of other popular colour techniques.

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