What Is a Blog?

Blogs are a regularity updated commentary. Unlike books, which reach a final form and then stay the same, blogs are an ongoing process. Unlike websites in general, which can be updated, blogs keep all their past entries.


Some Blogs are often a set of discrete entries that build on each other. Other blogs are more like an ongoing magazine with many articles. This blog site has many articles contributed by many authors.


It there Some Criteria for Appropriate Blog Content?

Yes. A blog should not contain illegal content, libel, confidential information such as passwords, spam, or anything written in poor faith. Blogs should contain information that is as accurate as possible, and have any opinions based on that information.


Blog about anything that is of interest to you, or that you think needs support or attention. We recommend to you blog about topics related to your industry in Sydney. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any blog content which we consider as inappropriate to our site.


Will My Blog require Approval?

Yes, we look at the content before approving the blog. If we find out the blog content does not follow our guideline, we will remove the content without notifying the author.


How Long will Approval Take?

Your listing and content will be up and running after the submission but the time of review varies.


How Do I Blog On This Site?

Signup an account and create a listing for your business. You will have the option add a blog post for your business.


Can I Edit My Blog?

Yes. Once you have a login account you can make a change if you feel it is necessary.


Can I Use This Site To Advertise?

Yes, if you have a legitimate business and information you want to communicate to the world, you can add banners to your listings. Please note that advertisement content need to be accurate. We do not accept advertisement related to drug, alcohol and pornography.  Any misleading information,  false advertisement or violation of our guideline may result in removal of your listing.