Computer Custom Decals

Previous generations all had to have school cases. And in an attempt to reduce faceless uniformity everybody put different decals and stickers on their case. These days almost everybody has a laptop computer. The computers come in several different colours, styles and with different specs, but the young and young at heart still feel the urge to personalize their possesions.

A few creative Apple options we have noticed include:

  • The apple logo being peeled
  • The Apple logo as the centre of a target
  • The Apple within a window
  • Apple Logo within a birdcage.
  • Any cartoon character interacting with the Apple logo
  • Pokemon’s Pikachu eating the apple Logo
  • Snow White taking a bite out of the apple.
  • A worm coming out of the Apple.
  • The night sky with the Apple as the Moon
  • Apples and windows displayed like noughts and crosses.
  • The Beatles Logs (because they owned Apple records)
  • The Apple symbol followed by a Pi symbol (to make apple pie)
  • Musical instrument or guitar decals.
  • Plastic model decals, which have a different effect when not on a model.


Custom decals

Custom decals allow any result you can think of. Make you laptop as individual as you are.





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