• Crowding: There might be a large number of people on the ship, but there are always quite corners, places to eat and drink and space in at least one of the pools. Cruise ships are probably less crowded than most hotels, resorts or shopping malls. It won’t feel crowded.
  • Cruise ships are about beaches and oceans? Well, some are. Destinations vary. The Caribbean will be about some really great island with beaches. Other parts of the world are appealing for completely different reasons.
  • There are a lot of old people on cruises. This is half true; the senior citizens do tend to go on the longer and more expensive voyages. But they are probably not the ones taking up the water sports or other activities you like. Some cruises are almost entirely younger people.
  • It’s one long party: There are people who travel and spend half the time partying. Other people sunbath and read a book. They don’t interfere with each other. You always have multiple options on a ship.
  • Safety: Ship and planes actually have a great safety record. The accidents that do occur receive a lot of attention, partly because they are infrequent. The few complaints that travellers do make occur when they are ashore, where pickpockets and tourist scams abound. There is relatively little that goes wrong on the boat.
  • Cabins are small: There is some truth to that, but it’s about the same size as a bedroom. You will only be in the cabin to sleep; it will not really be a problem. When people are given the option of paying more for a bigger cabin they often choose to spend the money elsewhere.
  • On-board entertainment will be uninteresting: There are often several things on at different parts of the ship. Like different TV channels there is bound to be a few you quit like.
  • It’s not all inclusive: This is often true. The extras will not be included in the booking price. But the extras and the complimentary vary between different cruises. You can have a fine vacation without any extras at all.
  • The parking situation: Don’t even consider leaving your car at the cruise terminal while you travel. Get an airport shuttle. Airport transfers can look after cruise ship passengers as well. The main concern is the luggage and trying to take is on public transport. An airport shuttle will prevent most problems.

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