Common Travel Mistakes

  • Do you take the first hotel room offered? There might be other, better rooms at the same price. Being cooperative and polite helps here. But don’t expect too much if you have a super budget booking. Low paying clients get the least popular room.
  • Are you guilt of over packing? This is so common. But we can usually get by with one digital advice, two pairs of shoes, 3 days worth of clothes, plently of socks and underwear, and one good jacket to wear on the plane. Google for tips.
  • Vaccinations. Have these well in advance. 8 weeks before you leave is a good general timeframe. If there are side-effects you don’t want to experience them while flying.
  • Make a copy of your passport. Take a photo and email it to yourself, so you can access the copy from any internet device.
  • Do you assume travel lounges are for the rich frequent traveller? Some credit cards allow you access. Annual membership cost about $200. Else, some lounges charge a moderate fee, which is not bad for a one day connection.
  • It is a mistake to sleep just because you are tired. Synchronise to the local clock.
  • All-inclusive resort deals are a mixed blessing. You feel you need to take advantage of the food and services that you have already paid for. Try local restaurants for a greater variety.
  • Changing planes on connecting flights puts you at a risk for lost luggage, especially if the time between flights is short. The baggage handlers don’t have the time to make the transfer. Leave some space between flights, and collect luggage to recheck it.
  • Read reviews. Find blogs and find tips from previous travellers.
  • Some prefer to stay away form alcohol when flying. The altitude and jet lag seem to combine poorly with alcohol. Even some regular heavy drinkers will wait till they land.
  • Avoid Wi-Fi if you have anything confidential, especially credit card or bank data.
  • Avoid money exchanges, especially at the airport. Consider a travel card for finances
  • Don’t sweat the small inconveniences. Use time to check the sights.
  • Always buy travel insurance

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